Kira Skov spirit tree

It’s been 3 month since the release of spirit tree.
Several songs have been in heavy rotation on Danish radio and the album has been streamed more than 600.000 times so far.

Thank you so much for listening and for the wonderful feedback and beautiful reviews of the album!


Below you can read some highlights. We will announce a tour shortly!

“A vividly inspiring exploration of the possibilities of the art of the duet. Created within the realms of Kira Skovs unique Danish/Americana, swaying in a peaceful dance with a top-end band. This will open doors abroad!”
❤❤❤❤❤ – Politiken


“……Fantastically generous and shining highlight on a twilight lit album, which is characterised by an impressingly high standard through out all 14 compositions.”
5/6 Gaffa.


“Spirit Tree” is another strong branch on the well-grown tree, that grows and blossoms with Kira Skov and every release she shares with the world!”
★★★★★ Side 33


“Kira Skov excels with her best album ever!”
★★★★★ – Kristlig dagblad.


“Kira set out on her solo odyssey that’s led to this “Godly but almost human” masterpiece “Spirit Tree”. I love it already.”, UK


“Spirit Tree” is a set of dusty folk and country collaborations, that shows off Skov’s wit, while echoing classic duets gone by.”
Uncut, UK


“Spirit Tree”s admiring and rare-field castlist is enviable, yet this is her album, one oscillating between Arvo Pärt infused folkiness and dark, trip hop tinged singer-songwriter excursions. Idiosyncrasy is key….“Spirit Tree” is an international calling card defined by Skov’s innate unpredictability.”
Mojo, UK


“15 albums in and Kira Skov is a name we need to know more about. This wonderful intimate track maybe the moment we get to discover her. With Mark Lanegans voice may have never sounded this intimate on a haunting and beautiful piece of music.” on the single “Idea of Love”


”Spirit Tree” is a grand album! The kind of record, that leaves a permenant mark. Timeless in essence”, Frankrig


”Although recorded during a difficult time, this albums exudes lightness and freedom. Magnificent.”
IdolesMag, Frankrig


”This is more than a duet album. Above all, its a powerfull human adventure”, Frankrig


”This album is convincing precisely by its many faceted unpredictability and the many musical surprises“, Tyskland