We did it! We made it! Maria Faust and I – plus a team of the most incredible musicians, organizers, documenters, photographers, videographers, technical advisors, and all kinds of volunteers – went into the beautiful church in the deep south of Estonia and made an absolutely incredible recording! We are just dying to share it with you!

Here’s a quick teaser made by Tine Reingaard:

We could not have done this without the help of so many people. Our greatest gratitude goes to Caroline Reichhardt, Esta Frosch, and Kalev Järvik.

The Band: Ned Ferm, Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Sebastian Rochford, Tobias Wiklund, Melis Wind.
The Choir: Silja Uhs, Marie Roos, Anneli Leinberg (alt), Raul Mikson, Meeelis Hainsoo, Joosep Sang. Andreas Lend.
Recording crew: Mark Howard and Anton Stvolov.
Technical Manager: Sten Arvi. Our host: Jüri Makarov.
Film and VR crew: Tine Reingaard, plus Mikkel Keldorf from Khora.
Thanks to Anna-Kai Tõrs from Liviko, Kristi Hagel from Põhjaka, and Father Andreas Põld and Prit Sibul.
AND of course the support of our crowdfunders and record company, Peter Littauer and Søren Friis and Stunt Records, Per Neumann, Statens Kunstfond, DJBFA, ROSA and Gramex!

SO MUCH MORE material coming up shortly, so please check back in ASAP! Here are some photos to enjoy:

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