It’s been a while but my site is up and running again! Thanks for your patience, and for checking back in now to see what’s happening!

I’m currently in the thick of the American Spirit theatre production in Aarhus featuring the music of Johnny Cash and the Great American Songbook. The show has been very well received and is lucky to have an extraordinary cast and crew who allow the music to shine through.

You can read more about the show and how to book tickets here:

And check out some reviews here:

My time at the theatre will be briefly interrupted to go to Estonia and record my new project with Maria Faust, entitled In The Beginning. Maria and I have been working nonstop (on top of everything else we have going on!) to prepare the songs, arrangements, lyrics, and all the organizational aspects of our upcoming voyage into the Estonian woods. We are so lucky to have the amazing Mark Howard recording us, as well as an incredible band and choir meeting us in a beautiful old church where we’ll set up and record in mid-October.

You can read and see much more about In The Beginning here:

Then in November, I’m performing live with the Danish Radio’s Choir and Symphony Orchestra. You can read more about that (and buy tickets, of course) here:

That’s it for now! Please stay tuned and check back in for updates on everything that’s going on!

Hugs from Kira