This is the first single off my coming release due out next year. The concept for this album is an idea that I have been harboring over the past years, but when lock down hit and Isolation set in, I started diving into writing specifically with this in mind.
I wanted to write songs that featured other artists. Collaborations with a broad variety of voices. Artist that I admire and love.
This first single is featuring my dear friend Mette Lindberg. The idea for the tune stems from an evening hanging with friends. We were singing together. Mette was lighting up the rrom. She has a beauty and charisma about her, not unlike Dusty Springfield. And there was something about her voice that reminded me of Kate Bush. So I wrote this song.
Have a listen and share with your friends. More info about the new release coming soon.
Hit the link and choose your favourite Musc Service to stream or download “Dusty Kate”:
Happy new year to you all!