2022 summoned up

This past year was a busy one.

Kira played around 25 shows with the songs from Spirit tree family. Several of the tunes was in heavy rotation on the Danish national radio, both on P6 and P4. the album as been streamed more than 1.300.000 times to date.

She participated in the Danish tv show “Toppen af poppen” The higlights from here can be found below.

Furthermore she translated Patti Smiths latest release “A book of days” into Danish. She recorded a new album in Peter Gabriels legendary studio REALWORLD with John Parish, Silas Tinglef, Billy Fuller and Head to be released in the spring of 2023.

She also played two small tours of Germany, as well as participating in random shows, both presenting The Juliet Letters with The Copenhagen Phil Harmonic string quartet in Copenhagen, as well as performing all of PET SOUNDS with Odense jazz orchestra and paying tribute to Johnny Cash during the nashville night in Odense.