Kira and Marie Fisker releases their joint collaboration with Oliver Hoiness and Ned Ferm under the name the Cabin project and receives raving reviews.
Read quotes from the Danish press and watch their first video and album teaser here:

Gaffa – 6/6

“I would say, The Cabin Project album is quite frankly one of the best albums released in Denmark in this decade”

Ekstra Bladet – 5/6

“…let it be said -The Cabin Project sounds f*****g good. ̈
̈ The Cabin Project has delivered an intimate masterpiece of an album that makes the listener reflect.

JP – 5/6

Berlingske Tidende – 5/6

“You don’t want to leave The Cabin Project’s album, even when the last note has rung out. This album is one that stay’s with you.”