My heart is a mountain - Kira Skov album cover

My heart is a mountain – New album by Kira Skov

Friday the 19th marked the release of my 16th studio album, recorded at Peter Gabriels Realword studios in collaboration with John Parish, Silas Tinglef, Billy Fuller and Head! I hope you will enjoy it. Stream it here or purchase a signed copy in my shop!   “It’s my freedom call, it’s my freedom roar…” Kira…

2022 summoned up

2022 summoned up

This past year was a busy one. Kira played around 25 shows with the songs from Spirit tree family. Several of the tunes was in heavy rotation on the Danish national radio, both on P6 and P4. the album as been streamed more than 1.300.000 times to date. She participated in the Danish tv show…

live tour kira skov

Live tour

Glæder mig vildt til at tage på landevejen med materialet fra Spirit tree til vinter! Vi kommer godt rundt i DK til fra midt januar til slut februar. Det bekræftede line up er: Silas Tinglef, Maria Martine Jagd, Oliver Hoiness og AC. Mette Lindberg, Stine Grøn, Marie Fisker, Bryndís Jakobsdóttir, Teitur og M. Rexen. Tjek…

Kira Skov spirit tree

Spirit tree reviews

It’s been 3 month since the release of spirit tree. Several songs have been in heavy rotation on Danish radio and the album has been streamed more than 600.000 times so far. Thank you so much for listening and for the wonderful feedback and beautiful reviews of the album!   Below you can read some…

Kira Skov spirit tree

Kira Skov – Bremen Teater

Kira Skov – Bremen Teater We are performing the music from “Spirit tree” live with a string of wonderful guest for the first time during CPH jazz-festival on the 5th of july with a sring of wonderful guest! The evening show is sold out and we have aaded a show in the afternoon at 5…

One more track off SPIRIT TREE

One more track off SPIRIT TREE is out!!! Love is a Force speaks of love’s ambivalence and the shifting poles of perception. It features the great Bill Callahan who lends a voice of reason to the wonder of it all. I’m a big fan of Bill’s astounding voice and his atmospheric soundscape and songs,…

This is another duet

This is another duet off SPIRIT TREE featuring the wonderful Bonnie “Prince” Billy Listen to Some Kind of Lovers via the link below


Here is another track from the upcoming release SPIRIT TREE The song Idea of Love was originally written for WHEN WE WERE GENTLE Here, it’s graced by Mark Lanegan’s amazing voice! Enjoy!   STREAMING LINKS

Kira Skov og Bonnie Prince Billy

We Won’t Go Quietly

feat. Bonnie“Prince”Billy Kira Skov drops We Won’t Go Quietly – a duet with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the 2nd single from her upcoming album SPIRIT TREE. The song was written in the Spring of 2020 during the pandemic lockdown and is inspired by the unrest in the United States sparked by the public murder of…